it is used to remove paramagnetic wolframite

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"wolfram" (or "volfram") is used in most european (especially germanic spanish and slavic) s and is derived from the mineral wolframite which is the origin of the chemical symbol w. the name "wolframite" is derived from german "wolf rahm" ("wolf soot" or "wolf cream") the name given to tungsten by johan gottschalk wallerius in

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ⓘ applebys molybdenite mine (applebys molybdenite & wolframite mines) metallogenic study and mineral deposit data sheets: grafton-maclean metallogenic map (sh/56-6 sh/56-7) geological survey of new south wales 2001: hf henley re brown jw brownlow rg barnes and wj stroud. published by the geological survey of new south wales.

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the technique is widely used in the beneficiation of beach sand. all minerals will have one of the three magnetic properties: ferromagnetic (magnetite pyrrhotite) paramagnetic (monazite ilmenite rutile chromite wolframite hematite etc.) or diamagnetic (plagioclase calcite zircon apatite etc.). commercial magnetic units follow a

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in addition wolframite is a paramagnetic mineral [1]. wolframite frigidity would cause it to be broken down in crushing stage which produces thin flakes and ultrafine particles [4]. the main processes in tungsten concentrate separation to remove minerals with electrical property [6]. however the various used