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optical tables check out the variety of configurable optical tables for industrial applications.misumi has other mechanical components press die and plastic mold products available. desktop type vibration-proof table adopting a rigid base with vibration-proof rubber attached to the bottom of the base. · maintenance-free product

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optical breadboard components and laboratory tables provide stable vibration resistant work surfaces for optical systems. optical breadboard components or laboratory tables use a number of vibration dampening features such as springs or flexures to establish balanced work surfaces suitable for precision optical applications.

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a dual layer table is a usual active pneumatic vibration isolation table but there is a smaller second "optical" breadboard standing on the top plate on height adjustable legs. we developed the dual layer table constructions for such applications where a heavy optical accessory should be connected to the microscope.

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optical tables & isolation systems extensive vibration control capabilities for over 40 years with over 40 years of vibration control and vibration isolation design and manufacturing experience newport has become the industry standard for optical tables isolation systems and vibration control products.

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optical tables are designed to be rigid structures that damp the vibrations created on or transferred to the optical table surface while passive and active optical table supports provide vibration isolation that minimizes the transfer of external vibrations to the table surface.

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optical tables breadboards and supports thorlabs manufactures a wide range of solid stainless steel aluminum and acrylic breadboards as well as honeycomb breadboards optical tables and workstations. thorlabs’ nexus ® optical tables and breadboards are available with or without tapped mounting holes. support and workstation options for

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the most critical vibration characteristic of optical table is its resonances. this is because the table is designed to be as stiff as possible and acts as a rigid body when its resonances are not excited. when the table is a rigid body there is no dynamic deflection and the beam alignment on top of the table would not be disturbed.