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high frequency vibration testing electrodynamic shakers

high frequency vibration testing. typical electrodynamic shakers have a usable frequency range up to 2000-3000 hz. for higher frequency applications ud engineers have developed two different shaker systems optimized for sine & random vibration tests up to 5000+ hz. and extreme srs shock events out to 10000 hz.!. h560bac/2

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getting more out of my sub ken cranes and a local high end audio store i purchased a velodyne spl-1200ii. the second way is to buy a test cd that has frequency test tones and check out

shakers - vibration research

in the current family of vibration research shakers the vr4600 is one of the largest. the large diameter armature adapts to many test requirements with a minimal amount of fixturing. high lateral and axial stiffness decrease problems associated with off-center loads. unsupported horizontal operation is possible on many loads.

vibrating table catalog

us-sa table with straps to hold test module to table top. ta ble with special control circuits. vibrating table used to test density and material weight for each load.table also test-ed for weldment cracks and fatigues during a normal 24 hour test cycle. us-rd table testing electronic prosthesis. ta ble for reliability testing instru-ment packages.

vibrating pen aims to help people with parkinson's write

vibrating pen aims to help people with parkinson's write more easily. still in the testing phase the arc pen stimulates the muscles in the hand making it easier for someone to move the pen and

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the green lantern of space sector 863 krista x is a humanoid that was part of an undercover psychological division of the lantern corps. she left the division after witnessing several