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robots will steal 24.7 million jobs and create 14.9

the industries at the biggest risk for automation are construction and mining factory products office assistants and sales people the report said. but new roles will be created in human

industrial drones are the new 'sensor network' zdnet

but there is an entire industry dedicated to using drones in industrial settings like mining construction and insurance. the market needs better automation better data processing better

this is how sweden's oldest mine is to be automated

there is constant technological development in mining and we help customers to be at the forefront”. facts/boliden garpenberg • boliden garpenberg outside hedemora is one of the world’s most modern mines and the oldest mine still producing in sweden.

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manually folding an 11-meter long feed from vertical to horizontal position can easily cause damage to a surface drill rig. erik hultgren one of the

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barrick’s hemlo mine goes deep with teleremote and automation – teleremote autonomous mining is helping barrick gold corporation reach a deeper section of its hemlo mine in canada. running an scooptram st14 loader from the surface enhances worker safety while reducing ventilation and climate control requirements underground.

robots and drones: coming soon to a construction site near

automation is primarily seen today in mining and farming cervero said because these sites are constant from day-to-day and year-to-year. in construction automation is more challenging due

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