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ssm-2 and ssm-2 pro "one of the most popular skate sharpening machines in the world" the sales record speaks for itself: an astonishing 20000 pcs. has been sold so far throughout the world. this portable high quality skate sharpener is intended to do the finishing sharpening (flat or hollow) on skates.

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this is the fourth generation of an automatic radius sharpening machine that has been present on the olympic games several times. it is intended for short track skates long track skates and tour skates. five radius templates of your choice are included. contact zandstra sports or ssm for more information and availability.

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ssm-2 skate holders. there are a number of different skate holders that can be used on your ssm-2 or ssm-2 pro. our universal holders are able to grip most skates with skate blade thickness 1.5-4.2 mm. some skate models are designed in a way that requires you to use special skate holders.

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the skate sharpening machine ssm-2 has its origin in the late 60's when it was constructed by rune gustavsson then at osmund fabriks ab in uppsala sweden. he was via kurt jäderström (also at osmund) approached by representatives of a local ice hockey team who were unsatisfied with the skate sharpening equipment then available on the market.

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skate sharpening machine ssm produkt ab

ssm produkt ab is a leading manufacturer of skate sharpening machines skate sharpeners and skate riveters. established 1979 in sweden and exporting world-wide.