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until international commodity prices recover mozambique’s mining sector will stagnate except for maintenance of existing equipment. new opportunities could be found in graphite mining and iron ore/steel projects. smaller coal miners may also require equipment and services. web resources. national directorate of mines

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refinery - refineries take the ore from harvesters and give you cash on the barrelhead in whatever base you happen to be at. simple. ore transport base - similar to the ed transport base the otb accepts donations from harvesters and sends them to the spaceport in the main base in 2000 credit chunks.

wage demands spread to other s. african mines - cbs news

wage demands spread to other s. african mines. zuma had rushed back home from a regional summit in neighboring mozambique and flown straight to the area but he visited only with wounded

indian-owned company resumes iron ore mining in mozambique

damodar ferro limitada a family business established in maputo in june 2005 will resume iron ore mining in a deposit located in the lalaua district nampula province due to rising prices in the international market said the provincial director of mineral resources and energy. the exploration of the mine located in the village of namarrepo […]

mozambique’s glittering graphite mining boom the africa

“graphite mining in mozambique is a much more appealing prospect compared with some others in the region” says triton minerals’ managing director peter canterbury. “for instance we have full ownership over the mines and we are able to repatriate all profits from them. in tanzania on the other hand the government requires a 16% share

mozambique braces up for its first iron-ore mining project

mozambique’s first iron-ore mining project in the moatize and chiúta districts of mozambique’s tete province may begin as soon as 2019. the project will cost approximately eur 666 million (us$750 million) and will be developed over an area of 20000 ha excavating an estimated 750 million tons of

mining jobs in mozambique - november 2019 -

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