thickener feed dilution mixer

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in a feed dilution system and method for a thickener or settling tank a feed pipe nozzle has an outlet opening or orifice configured to generate an initial stream of slurry from the feed pipe into an upstream end of a mixing conduit wherein the stream is extended from a first side of the mixing conduit to a substantially opposite second side in a first direction transverse to the mixing

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in cases where thickener feed dilution is required the slurry feed to the thickener is commonly diluted in the . thickener feed system. this improves both the mixing and contact of the solid particles with the flocculant in the thickener feed as contact and adsorption of those parti-cles is essential for flocculation to occur.

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us5389250a - self diluting feedwell for thickener dilution

a self-diluting feedwell for a thickener or settling tank includes a delivery pipe for providing an influent feed stream of slurry a nozzle for directionally discharging the influent feed stream and an eductor structure including a launder zone for receiving the nozzle discharge a throat zone for creating a reduced pressure area for eduction of diluent into the launder zone and a discharge

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thickeners often require dilution of the feed to improve settling rates and flocculant consumption. dilution systems that rely on specific gravity differential between the feed and supernatant are often limited. westech’s airlift™ dilution system uses an airlift pump to draw clarified water evenly from the thickener surface into the feedwell.

andritz thickening and clarification systems

andritz thickening and clarification solutions are designed to achieve the highest production rates without compromising efficiency. for all counter-current decantation (ccd) plants: the new and improved andritz inter-stage mixing and dilution system for ccd circuits helps to reduce the footprint and consequently cut capex while maintaining low operating costs.