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the argus iron ore price assessments. argus offers a comprehensive suite of iron ore assessments across fines and lump seaborne and portside prices. its two references for 62pc fe iron ore icx and pcx are benchmark indicators of the price of medium-grade iron ore fines imported to china and traded at chinese ports respectively.

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warp to poth llaffan and head northeast. you should end up in a large dirt patch. iron ore spawns in the northeast corner of that patch. there is also a spawn point southwest of the quarantomb (nw of coffinwell) along the southern edge of the mountains.

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india’s iron ore: average sale price: fines: 55 - 58% fe data was reported at 1441.000 inr/ton in aug 2019. this records a decrease from the previous number of 1608.000 inr/ton for jul 2019. india’s iron ore: average sale price: fines: 55 - 58% fe data is updated monthly averaging 1309.000 inr/ton from feb 2011 to aug 2019 with 103 observations.

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iron ore also differs in physical form. fines require sintering (agglomeration into crude pellets) prior to use in the blast furnace. lump ore can bypass this process and be charged directly into the furnace as can pellets and both command an associated price premium.

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iron ore lumps: size 10-40mm iron ore fines: granular size of up to 10 mm for up to 90% of the cargo. while lumps are crushed to 5-20mm size in crusher normally 30% fines (waste) will be generated.

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it should be ready by then.) once you accumulate 20 pieces of iron ore (or 200 pieces of coal or a combination of the two) return to the trading post. trade in your coal if you need to get to 20 iron ores then choose to sell your iron ore. first he will offer 5000g. haggle! next he will offer 5500g. haggle further! now he will offer 6000g.

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the races offer rewards some you can only get here. you will receive a reward simply for completing the race. your goal though is the prize you get for finishing in 1st place. after you win a race new cups may become available.

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use the vine here to get back up. you'll land right next to a mining resource so hit it for iron ore and strange mass items. you can then climb the ledges up to a chest for the omelet recipe. further on is one more mining resource (for strange mass and stalactite items). once you've grabbed it jump the gap to the other side so we can continue