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data processing is simply the conversion of raw data to meaningful information through a process. data is manipulated to produce results that lead to a resolution of a problem or improvement of an existing situation. similar to a production process it follows a cycle where inputs (raw data) are fed to a process (computer systems software etc.) to produce output (information and insights).

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data processing is generally "the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information."[1] in this sense it can be considered a subset of information processing "the change (processing) of information in any manner detectable by an observer." [note 1] the term data processing (dp) has also been used to refer to a

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mirror image replicates files and sub-directories from one folder into another without any user command batch jobs or even periodically running a scheduled task.

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data processing is concerned with editing coding classifying tabulating and charting and diagramming research data. the essence of data processing in research is data reduction. data reduction involves winnowing out the irrelevant from the relevant data and establishing order from chaos and giving shape to a mass of data.

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these output files may not be a complete product and require further processing. thus there will need to perform multiple data processing. methods of data processing. manual data processing: in this method data is processed manually without the use of a machine tool or electronic device. data is processed manually and all the calculations and

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data processing refers to methods that take the raw data and turn it into usable information. paper and pencil can work but in the 21st century data analysis usually relies on computers. to process data by computer it has to be collected checked for accuracy and entered into the computer first.

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these may be considered a hybrid of the two methods. data processing types by processing method. within the main areas of scientific and commercial processing different methods are used for applying the processing steps to data. the three main types of data processing we’re going to discuss are automatic/manual batch and real-time data

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seaweed farming and its surprising benefits. seaweed may be thought of as a nuisance but an increasing number of fishermen scientists and consumers are seeing it as a solution

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commercial data processing involves a large volume of input data relatively few computational operations and a large volume of output. for example an insurance company needs to keep records on tens or hundreds of thousands of policies print and mail bills and receive and post payments.