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performance and benefits are identical to the easy-clean pneumag high intensity magnetic separator for use in pneumatic conveying lines. the pneumag removes ferrous and para-magnetic contaminants from free-flowing powders conveyed at speeds ‘primary’ separator usually installed in gravity pipes and chutes to remove larger items such

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the mozley gravity separator is a low-capacity high-performance gravity separator suitable for treating difficult fine particle feeds below 75 μm. 2.3.5 falcon and knelson concentrators these are centrifugal-type gravity separators also suited to fine particle–size feeds ( ancia et al. 1997 ).

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magnetic drum separators enable separation of iron and other ferromagnetic materials extracting or traversing operation magnetic drums with high performance and extreme robustness whereas non-magnetic ones follow the laws of gravity and fall down. in this the drum always rotates in the direction of the supply flow.

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• high intensity magnetic separation technology – first class performance • advanced magnetic separator product design – total reliability and compatibility with application • first rate service – a full understanding of the needs of our markets

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magnetic separation is a versatile technique used in sample preparation for diagnostic purpose. for such application an external magnetic field is applied to drive the separation of target entity (e.g. bacteria viruses parasites and cancer cells) from a complex raw sample in order to ease the subsequent task(s) for disease diagnosis.

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magnetic separators manufacturers – for dubai uae kuwait and qatar roller separators are the most appreciated product in sand separation in dubai market for his better quality and high performance. after the continuous increase in demand for our products in middle east countries we have developed a special range of magnetic separators

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systems for all stages of plastics processing. including high performance magnetic separators and detection systems for gravity pneumatic and conveyor fed processes. we are fully conversant with all major industry standards such as fsa fda and ifs plus institutes such as brc and gfsi. many of our magnetic separation products have full atex