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indiana has gold in sufficient quantities for recreational panning. most of that gold is in morgan and brown counties but other south-central creeks contain some. none of this gold is native to indiana but was brought down from canada in glaciers during the ice age and left at the lower reaches of the ice pack when the glaciers retreated.

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where to find gold in indiana. december 2011 by chuck lassiter. you might think that gold prospecting techniques are basically the same everywhere and in many instances you’d be correct. some geographical locations however due to their unique geological conditions present unusual challenges

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panning for gold is definitely alive and well in indiana. gold is not a naturally occurring metal in indiana. instead it was slowly relocated here from canada by the glaciers. as such you will not get rich finding gold in indiana. but gold prospecting is a great hobby that many people and families

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prospecting in a state or national forest requires an additional permit which can be obtained for free from the operators of each individual forest. in addition there are certain waterways that are off-limits for prospecting. refer to the indiana gold prospecting brochure for details.

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gold in indiana can be found in small quantities throughout the state. while quantities are generally not commercially viable hobby prospectors can find small amounts of placer gold in many areas of the state. try using gold pans and sluice boxes.