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you can go to the town hall page on the wikia.. scroll down to resource army and other buildings max level by town hall this table and the one bellow it defensive buildings max available level will have the information your looking for. (apologies for no anchor links wiki does not use them) taking jeffrey lin's advice i'll summarize some of the more important stuff for the first 5 levels

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sixth hero base. opens availability at town hall level 12 but it is only to be unlocked when you have town hall level 14 and upgrading at least four buildings of each kind of these buildings to level 16: gold vault gold mine mana mill mana vault and army camp.

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summary. the gold storage allows players to save hard earned gold so that it can be used for future upgrades.; gold storages are still fully functional while being upgraded. it is one of the most protected buildings in-game due to its capability to store large quantities of gold.; there is a relatively common glitch in the attack screen with regard to gold storages; in some cases a village

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the game developers got greedy and changed the game play so it is extremely difficult to advance from town hall 9 on up unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. i would not recommend this game for any casual gamer. play it and give that company a ****load of money. want to rush your gold mine upgrade and free up one of your two

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the town hall is the main building of your village. the higher your town hall level is the more buildings you can build the higher you can upgrade your buildings and the higher you can develop your troops and spells. the town hall haves high hit points that way it takes a while to destroy.

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at level 4 a fourth wooden reinforcing bar is added and the rubble pile outside the structure grows larger as well. at level 8 the gold mine now has two wide steel reinforcing bars bolted down and a small pulley system complete with a wooden track for the cable appears on the top surface of the mine. town hall level required 1 150