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how to effectively strip mine in minecraft - minecraft

how to effectively strip mine in minecraft it’s a common standard that using strip or branch mining is the best way to mine for diamond ore . using the standard method of creating a tunnel that is 2 blocks high and 1 wide will be the method that most people are familiar with.

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[1.7.2/1.6.4][forge] diamond meter mod - minecraft: pocket

diamond meter is a device that when held in your quick-bar will indicate if there is any diamond ore near to you. cause lets just admit it all of us have better things to do than strip mine the

what is the best y coordinate to strip mine at hypixel

i would recommend to strip mine at y11 this is because it is above lava and you can find any ores at this level. if you bring a water bucket you can pour it over any lava you mine into. therefore in my opinion y11 is the best level to strip mine. i hope this helps good luck finding diamonds!

how to strip mine in minecraft: 5 steps (with pictures

how to strip mine in minecraft. strip mining is the most laborious time-consuming method of mining in minecraft. but it is the safest one too and 9 out of 10 times it will have the best payout. this article will tell you how to strip

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strip mining or branch mining - survival mode - minecraft

i tend to wander off when i am mining. like so many people on minecraft are i am ocd so i have a problem where every tunnel every thing much align right. so i tend to lose focus when i am mining in a branch pattern because i am fixing up walls tunnels whatever. with strip mining or chunk mining in my i don't have to worry about that.

tutorials/mining – official minecraft wiki

these mining methods are used very commonly in minecraft. the difference between quarrying and strip mining is that the process of quarrying involves a large rectangular or square strip continually mined downwards with a staircase running along the side. this method got its name by its similarity to real world quarry sites.

whats strip mining empire minecraft

strip mining is when you make huge holes and stuff on the surface to get ores instead of organized tunnels. you don't actually get as much ore but you get a lot of cobble and a very hazardous hole. one time i actually killed myself because i fell into the hole i just made.

how to find and mine diamonds fast on minecraft: 8 steps

prepare your inventory for strip mining. strip mining involves digging down to a y coordinate of between 16 and 5 setting up a home base and mining in two-by-two tunnels in each horizontal direction. the more ground you cover the more likely you are to come across diamonds. to find and mine diamonds fast on minecraft start by digging