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magnetic field-assisted finishing sometimes called magnetic abrasive finishing is a surface finishing technique in which a magnetic field is used to force abrasive particles against the target surface. as such finishing of conventionally inaccessible surfaces (e.g. the inside surface of a long curved pipe) is possible.

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the use of the multipole tip system with tool & alternating magnetic region for maf process. harish kumar sehijpal singh (2013) magnetic abrasive finishing magnetic abrasive finishing process with pearmant magnetalternating current direct current is used for finishing of internal and external surfaces of complicated design. 7.

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possibility of finishing complex surfaces is a special benefit of this machining. magnetic abrasive finishing process is most suitable for obtaining quality finish on metallic and non-metallic surfaces. magnetic abrasive finishing used for complicated product finishing & roughness and tolerance band achieved that is difficult using

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on the calphalon and magnalite hard anodized cookware the scratches were caused by the steel utensils leaving behind a whiteish grey mark. the hard anodized aluminum was so hard and abrasive that the stainless was transferring to the grey anodized surface and not the other way 'round. those marks would last through many washings.

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magnetic abrasive finishing is a unique finishing method commonly used to coat complex products. magnetic abrasive finishing is unique because of how the "coating" is applied. to apply the coating a magnetic field is applied and a mixture of magnetic particles and abrasive powder particles is then forced onto the product.

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