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• extensive testing – our rigorous product testing translates to predictably reliable high-quality drives. • proven start-to-finish quality – from component design to fabrication to the finished package device our stringent quality requirements significant investments in ssd test equipment and advanced nand-management algorithms

vibration and shock environmental test types - shock and

vibration and shock environmental test types. simulated vibration environments in the laboratory are used to qualify products during design to test products against standards e.g. mil-std 810 etc. to locate sources of noise e.g. in squeak and rattle testing and for stress screening where the failure modes in components are precipitated.

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depends on host equipment to provide adequate power and environment for optimum performance and compliance with applicable indu stry and governmental regulations. special attention must be given in the areas of safety power distribution shielding audible noise control and temperature regulation.

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just let us know what your mechanical or environmental testing needs are and chances are we have the perfect solution. for example we offer a full range of g-force testing – from vibration testing at 20g to mechanical shock testing at 1500g to constant acceleration testing at 50000g.

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l.a.b. equipment inc. was established in 1933 and has been recognized for decades as the global leader in the design manufacturing and service of product reliability and package testing equipment. this includes drop testers shock testers hydraulic vibration mechanical vibration incline impact testers; and through our sister company

random vibration and shock testing - equipment reliability

we will demonstrate shock testing using both a shaker and a shock test machine. many participants have commented that this visit was a high point of the course. many participants protectively install commercial-off-the-shelf (cots) equipment in flight land vehicles and shipboard locations subject to severe vibration and shock.

vibration dynamics testing national technical systems

nts vibration testing capabilities. nts is capable of generating up to 70000 force pounds with tandem shakers and up to 45000 force pounds on a single shaker. nts has performed vibration testing in excess of 200 grms in a single band and can hook up in excess of 100 data channels.

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the drives are recognized in accordance with ul/cul 60950-1 and ul/cul 62368-1 as testing witnessed by ul and en 60950-1 and en 62368-1 as testing witnessed by tuv. the security features of self-encrypting drive models are based on the “tcg storage architecture core specification” and the “tcg storage

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vibration testing on the other hand determines the extent to which items can withstand mechanical vibrations. mechanical shock testing. mechanical shock testing typically involves subjecting a test device to sudden and extreme amounts of acceleration or deceleration while instrumentation such as strain gages load cells piezo sensors and more.

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we will visit the onsite (location to be determined) laboratory where we will view hear and touch (hearing and feeling the differences between sine and random vibration) on shakers. we will perform a resonance demonstration using first sine and then random vibration. we will demonstrate shock testing using both a shaker and a shock test