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this a huge machine that's sorts the "gold" out of the "dirt". it uses a smart filter to sort it. with a color sensor it counts the little pieces that roll past the sensor. make sure to take a

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microsoft word wants to help you with your homework. microsoft's online office suite looks to machine learning to power a small set of new convenience features.

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the small one seems to be a zealot for the machines he cries out for glory when you meet him the first time with his two ally goliaths then later in the desert with the tank and i think the final time is near the end where you head to the missiles and he's blaming you for killing his allies even though he initiates each fight.

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when you destroy it the small stubby is ejected and starts attacking you but in this it's not any regular stubby. it's a peculiar machine called corageous brother which is a golden small stubby that has an insane amount of hp. it has two gold goliath biped which are as the name implies golden - which means they also have a s***ton of hp.

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sensor-based ore sorting transforms the bottom line in gold mining exploring gold ores becomes more challenging every year. mines increasingly deliver lower grades and complex mineralogy forcing mills to process more material and thus compounding the expanding ratio between these tonnages and the ounces of ore produced.

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tomra mining sorting machines are leading in ore sorting. learn more about sorting equipment for industrial minerals coal diamonds and other applications.