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copper(i) sulfide is a copper sulfide a chemical compound of copper and has the chemical compound cu 2 s. it is found in nature as the mineral has a narrow range of stoichiometry ranging from cu 1.997 s to cu 2.000 s.

the nature of the fungicidal action of copper and sulfur

conclusions. in summarizing available information on the mechanism of the fungicidal action of copper it appears most likely that exudates such as hydroxy and amino acids produced from fungus spores react with the “insoluble” copper fungicides to form soluble toxic copper complexes.

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distillers use metal in the form of copper stills to remove sulfur-based compounds. as for magnets minerals and crystals the science is somewhat murkier. while winemakers do use copper to tame funky wines we have yet to hear of any who employ the use of magnets—unless it’s for holding up to-do lists on the winery refrigerator.

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garbage problem vaporize it. but the emissions are much lower than virtually any other process especially a combustion process in an incinerator" he said. you get significantly less of

what do copper and sulfur make when they are heated up

copper and sulfur make copper sulfide when they are combined. the copper must be in the form of a wire and the sulfur must be in a hot gas form. copper sulfide is created through hanging a piece of copper wire in a tube of boiling sulfur. the tube with the suspended copper wire must be clamped at the top and placed on top of a bunsen burner.

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the focus is primarily on the american scene but includes some global references (like an engaging profile of mexico’s cucapá brewery). bernstein spotlights current topics like seasonality and reviving lost beer styles always in an engaging way with lots of stories of individual brewers and the problems they solved to create their new brews.

what is the reaction of sulphur and copper yahoo answers

sulfur when heated becomes red because of its phase transition (from solid to liquid) and later it reacts with copper in a pretty simple reaction:cu + s --> cus . copper(i) sulfide is a copper sulfide a chemical compound of copper and sulfur. it has the chemical compound cu2s. it is found in nature as the mineral chalcocite.

reaction mechanism - heating copper wire and sulfur powder

by burying the copper wire with plenty of sulfur and then heating the mix the wire becomes completely submerged in liquid sulfur. the liquid sulfur then gets to react with the copper and any oxygen that could possibly oxidize the copper would have to diffuse into the liquid sulfur before reaching the copper.

copper leaching problems & solutions & procedures

in recent years the metallurgical field of the copper industry has expanded greatly the copper ores have become lean and diverse in character and we are obliged to treat such ores on a very large scale. on the commercial side the operating and consulting staffs of the great mining companies have been enlarged and organized and no great capital expenditure is decided upon until it has been