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in 2010 there was a mining disaster in zonguldak province which resulted in the deaths of 30 workers in a coal mine. the explosion was caused by a firedamp explosion. previous mining disasters have also occurred here one in 1992 resulted in the deaths of 270 workers. this was the worst mining disaster until the soma mine disaster.

gold king mine spill: epa says it won't pay $1.2 billion

gold king mine spill: epa says it won't pay $1.2 billion in damages over wastewater spill that turned rivers yellow copper and other metals. rivers in colorado new mexico and utah were

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read cnn fast facts about mine disasters accidents and deaths in the united states. this is a list of the more notable mine disasters and is not all-inclusive.

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cobalt mining's dangerous impact on workers and the environment. some women complained about the physical nature of the work with one describing hauling 110-pound sacks of cobalt ore.

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please note: the majority of the 955 mine accidents found on this site meet the definition of "mine disaster" where 5 or more miners were killed.these include all the disasters listed at the cdc/niosh web site which can be viewed here.

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it was the worst u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. in 2010 a massive explosion tore through the upper big branch mine in montcoal west virginia killing 29 miners. on 60 minutes this week

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denver driller becomes chile mine rescue hero within hours after the gold and copper mine collapsed aug. 5 chile's government realized the mine's owners were ill-equipped to handle the rescue

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mine disasters ot 32 2000 (msha) 1998-present msha fatalgrams and fatality reports; newspaper article citations from the archives at the national mine health and safety academy library beckley west virginia (historical mining disasters by jane demarchi) historical data on mine disasters in the united states

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during that period there were 157 mine disasters which killed 3932 miners. there have been 27 coal and 1 metal/nonmetal mine disasters where 100 or more miners were killed. five or more mine disasters have occurred in 45 counties in the united states. the top 5 counties with accidents producing 5 or more deaths: luzerne county pennsylvania - 69