how to improve equipment availability on mechanised mined

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improving availability is much more than maintenance

improving availability is much more than maintenance. by r. keith mobley life cycle engineering many confuse availability with equipment reliability. in reality it is only one part of the calculation. availability is the actual time that the machine or system is capable of production as a percent of total planned production time.

performance measurement of mining equipments by utilizing oee

key words: oee equipment utilization mining time losses introduction all industries are dependent on their assets as well as mining companies. the increase in automation compounded by the increase in the size and capacity of equipment over the years has drastically changed the consequences of equipment ineffectiveness.

optimization of mechanized mining layout within anglo

sites within anglo american platinum and will demonstrate that improved safety and productivity can be achieved through the adoption of mechanization. introduction anglo american platinum is the world's leading primary producer of platinum group metals (pgms) and accounts for about 40 per cent of the world's newly-mined platinum.

the impact of mining conditions on mechanized mining

mining equipment there can be significant availability of the equipment on a cost per hour basis over the life of operation. a negative spin-off of poor mining conditions is an increase in accident damage on mechanized machines. therefore an

methods for increasing drop rate on rare drops. - final

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3 studies on availability and utilisation of mining

improve the overall equipment performance. keywords: performance scheduled hours available hours utilised hours the production performance of mining equipment depends on its availability and utilization. hence it is necessary to determine the percentage availability and utilization of machinery with an aim to improve the same.