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velan is a world leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel gate globe check ball triple-offset butterfly knife gate highly engineered severe service valves and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications.

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cut the tape around the gate switch and activate the shutter that leads to the west of the building. grab the green herb and the handgun ammo x 11 from the reception area. continue west and north. at the top of the corridor is a window that a zombie is banging on. quickly use the wooden boards to seal it. turn east and go into the operations room.

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after this go to the gate on the far right wall and lift the gate d oor. knife both these guys in this room and head through both doors. here you can either use an exp dart or just knife the guy in front of you first then the guy on the computer. part 1 'the long descent'-- first off dive into the water and swim down. you'll see a red

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• triple-offset butterfly valves • knife gate valves • severe service valves • bellows seal valves • steam traps primary industries served • fossil nuclear and cogeneration power • oil and gas • refining and petrochemicals are focused on velan’s core values of quality

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typical weights of gate & globe valves (kg) note * weight include bevel gir bs 5352 globe valve valve flg'd rf/rtj bs5353 globe valve npt/sw/bw bs 1873 globe valve valve flg'd rf/rtj nb! use table as a guidance only! weights may vary from different manufacturers. flow control is not responsibel for any errors in the tables.

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the ported slide gate – they have had serious limitations including leakage to atmosphere during valve cycling and a non cutting gate tip that pushes product into the gate seat. there are at least …ve distinct types of knife gate valves. delta produces only a true “knife” gate valve capable of cutting

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you are now left with no choice but to turn around and make your way toward the village. as you pass through the gate there's a small shack on your left. inside you'll find a number of crates rather than shooting them save ammo by holding the l button to bring out your knife and slashing them.