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lathe / mill dro axis + - directions so this is something i have often wondered about. which directions on the axis should be positive on a manual lathe and a mill. i have seen them set up differently in different shops but never really known which is the correct way.

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different directions in machining center motion : modern

some machining centers have begun to appear that use resultant motion in less elaborate ways. that is these machines use the resultant motion of different elements moving in different directions to achieve the motion along x y or z but they do so within machining center designs that are considerably more like standard machines.

unit 2: cnc machine tool programmable axes and position

a representation of the three axes of the three-dimensional cartesian coordinate system. the positive x-axis positive y-axis and positive z-axis are the sides labeled by x y and z. the origin is the intersection of all the axes. the branch of each axis on the opposite side of the origin (the unlabeled side) is the negative part.

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on the other hand the set up the turrent mill is such that the spindle stays stationary during cutting operations while the table is allowed to move in both the perpendicular and vertical directions to the axis of the spindle. although this mill is smaller than the bedmill this is considered as the more versatile type. horizontal mills