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the present invention relates to a froth flotation mechanism located in a flotation cell comprising a directional element suspended from the lower end of a hollow shaft extending to the lower section of the cell and vertical vanes attached to said directional element which extend above and below the directional element and horizontally beyond the directional element.

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mechanism flotation cell removable froth baffle. flotation in a novel oscillatory baffled column the cell is based on a standard column design but employs a novel agitation mechanism where a series of baffle froth flotation

numerical and experimental study of the effect of a froth

in this work the effect of a froth baffle on flotation performance is investigated both experimentally and numerically. flotation experiments with an artificial ore comprised of 80% silica as gangue and 20% limestone as floatable component were carried out to compare the flotation performance of a baffled froth system against an un-baffled froth system.

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abstract of the invention an improved flotation cell for recovery of minerals from ore using a three phase system flotation process provides improved metallurgi-cal recovery through improved rotor/stator and cell design by establishing good zonal separation within the cell and minimizing froth turbulence providing uniform aeration in the cell and accommodating higher aeration volumes before

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flsmidth dorr-oliver eimco flotation 2 proven wemco mechanism with cylindrical cells to optimize energy input aeration additional standard features include a hybrid draft tube beveled cell bottom froth crowder mixing baffles and radial launders. since the introduction of the smartcell flotation machine in early 1996 most major