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mit develops solar-powered portable desalination system

mit researchers have developed a portable solar-powered water desalination system that could provide water in disaster zones and remote regions around the globe (image: steven dubowsky amy

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carbon nanotech has been applied to everything from boat construction to windshields and now with a licensing agreement from livermore lab a hayward calif. company will apply it to water

portable desalination: infuriating diy flaws (+ how to fix

portable desalination is the solution to many problems. it would be a great help to people that live close to the sea or where fresh clean drinking water is hard to find. portable desalination is also a potential life saver especially for those who travel a lot via the ocean.

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global market demand trends: along with 25 months consecutive growth the long-term portable desalination index steadily rise to 802 a new high at jan 2019 alibaba.com sourcing trends: the portable desalination index slowly increase to 55 the top high during period oct 2018 to nov 2018 finally there was a short decline at jan 2019 online sales

portable desalination: a new approach ecology global network

a new approach to desalination being developed by researchers at mit and in korea could lead to small portable desalination units powered by solar cells or batteries that could deliver enough fresh water to supply the needs of a family or small village.

do new water technologies stand a chance - cnet

do new water technologies stand a chance with stingy risk-averse customers it's tough to commercialize new water purification technologies. start-ups are focusing on a niche to get a foothold.

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compact size; the myz e40™ is a portable desalination machine. only weighing 30kg with the case. it’s more than easy to travel with and can even be loaded into small trucks.

portable desalination devices: survival technology

portable desalination devices: survival technology available for everyone 27 septiembre 2017 in news according to the world health organisation almost 700 million people around the world do not have access to drinking water.